Advent Giving Tree

Parish Advent Giving Tree
The Advent Giving Tree is an Advent Service Project for the parish. Parishioners choose ornaments from a Christmas tree and provide a specified Christmas gift, helping those in need.   Contact Aimee Hart for more information or to volunteer with the project, 513.251.6376.
History of Advent
Advent is a time of preparation, not just a celebration of the Christmas season. It is a time when each person may seek the Christ child within and prepare for that mystery of the incarnation of God, who came to Earth and became one of us.

The word Advent is from the Latin adventus for "coming" and is associated with the four weeks of preparation for Christmas. Advent always contains four Sundays, beginning on the Sunday nearest the feast of St. Andrew the Apostle, (November 30) and continuing until December 24. It blends together a penitential spirit, very similar to Lent, a liturgical theme of preparation for the Second and Final Coming of the Lord, called the Parousia, and a joyful theme of getting ready for the Bethlehem event. Since the 900s, Advent has been considered the beginning of the Church year. This does not mean that Advent is the most important time of the year. Easter has always had that honor. The traditional color of Advent is purple or violet, which symbolizes the penitential spirit. Traditionally, fasting and penance during Advent is a proper expression of the inner preparation for the coming of the Christ child on Christmas, with religious celebrations coming after Christmas itself. All Roman Catholic traditions throughout the centuries associated with Advent express these themes.
An Advent Prayer
"Father in Heaven, our hearts desire the warmth of your love, and our minds search for the light of your Word. Increase our longing for the Christ Child, and give us strength to grow in love, that the dawn of your coming may find us rejoicing in his presence and welcoming the light of his truth. We ask this in the name of Christ our Lord. Amen. "