St. Teresa Athletic Association

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Athletic Association is to promote the physical development of the youth of the parish in conjunction with their spiritual, moral, mental and academic development.

St. Teresa Athletics participates in the Western Conference Athletic Association. St. Teresa offers a wide variety of sporting activities throughout the school year. In the fall, we offer Football, Soccer & Golf. Our winter sports include, Girls Volleyball and Basketball. In the spring we offer Baseball, Boys Volleyball and Softball.

Official Prayer of St. Teresa of Avila Athletic Association
Saint Sebastian, patron saint of athletes, protect us in our time of trial, lead us in the way of good sportsmanship, and help us to be good role models. Saint Teresa, patron saint of our Parish, pray that we may be good examples for others to follow in the Light of Christ. Amen. St. Sebastian and St. Teresa, Pray for us.