“What return can I make to the Lord for all His kindness to me?” –Psalm 116:12

Stewardship is a phrase, which merges the Biblical concept of tithing, giving at least 10% of one’s time and finances of God with the Catholic theology of generously living the Gospel teachings of Jesus. All parish members (except those in nursing homes or going through serious health problems) are asked to actively give of their time, talents, and financial resources to build our parish community and help those in need.
The Pastoral Council has determined that registered active parish members:
Participate weekly
Participate weekly in the worship life of the parish at Sunday Eucharist, and also at other worship services.
Participate in the activities/organizations
Participate in the activities/organizations of the parish, such as the Music Ministry, Seniors, Youth Group, Festival, St. Vincent de Paul, Athletics, Eucharistic Minister, Lector, etc;
Support the parish financially
Support the parish financially in a recordable way through use of the Sunday contribution envelopes or checks. These contributions can also be made electronically - weekly or monthly.

Authorization Agreement for Electronic Contribution

The noon Mass on the first Friday of each month is for those enrolled in the St. Teresa Memorial.

Visit the parish office to enroll a person or include an intention. Memorial cards are available to be given to families. Donations are used for tuition assistance to St. Teresa School.

How to remember us in your will/bequests?

Many parish-building projects can only be funded through the generous donation amounts received in estates from Church members. God has given us many gifts in this life, and one way we can express our thanks for them is by remembering the parish in our wills.

A suggested form of bequest that can be given to a lawyer and easily added to a current will: I hereby give, devise, and bequeath to St. Teresa of Avila Parish, Cincinnati, Ohio (____%) of my estate or _________ dollars for the sole benefit of St. Teresa of Avila Parish.