Pastoral Council & Commissions

The St. Teresa of Avila Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Pastor. Membership consists of elected parish members at-large and representatives of the Education, Finance, and Worship Commissions. Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in Avila Hall. All are welcome. To place an issue before Council, contact the President.

Pastoral Council Members

Mrs. Julie Roberts, President
Mrs. Colleen Roth, Vice President
Mrs. Shelley Barsan
Mrs. Phyllis Bryant
Mrs. Jenna Martin
Mrs. Crystal McGrath
Mr. Joe Re
Mrs. Brenda Schwarz

Meetings & Minutes

Parish Council meets the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in Avila Hall

Minutes are available in the parish office or in the bulletin each month.

Pastoral Council Bylaws

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The St. Teresa of Avila Education Commission

This commission is an advisory commission concerned with planning and policy making for our parish educational programs. It formulates policies, suggests ideas, offers advice regarding goals and the means necessary to achieve them, and addresses concerns regarding current policies, procedures, and existing practices. We encourage your comments that relate to policy and programs.

If you have any interest in the current issues that we are discussing, you are welcome to attend meetings or you may contact us through the Parish office anytime by calling 921-9200.

Meetings & Minutes

This Commission meets on the third Wednesday of the month September - May at 7:00 p.m. in Avila Hall. Note: there is no December meeting. Meeting dates and times are subject to change. Notice of change will be given with as much advance notice as possible. Please see the online calendar.

Education Commission Members

Mr. Paul McGrath, Chairman
Sue Adams
Becky Bass
Chris Curtin, Vice Chair
Jason Hageman
Scott Louis
Annie Paschka
Lauren Poland
Robyn Schwarz

Education Commission Constitution and Bylaws

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The St. Teresa of Avila Finance Commission

The Parish Finance Committee is a consultative body established to advise and assist the pastor and the Parish Pastoral Council in matters pertaining to the financial affairs of the parish. The relationship between the pastor and the committee is one of support and collaboration. The authority of the pastor, as defined by Canon Law, to act and decide on behalf of the parish, is not changed by the establishment of the Finance Committee.

Finance Commission Members

Rich Messerle, Chairman
Ray Garnett
George Glandorf
Walt Hermann
Shari McCoy
Jenna Martin
Andy Tighe

The St. Teresa of Avila Worship Commission

In 1963, Vatican Council II saw value in having a parish worship commission to serve as advisors to a pastor and his staff. The commission would (1) assess the needs of the worshipers in the parish, (2) ensure the training of liturgical ministers, (3) develop policies for liturgical celebrations within the parish, (4) implement changes in the liturgy according to the diocesan bishop, and (5) review the quality of the liturgies celebrated in the parish. The Worship Commission of St. Teresa of Avila does this by including in its membership those responsible for the ministries of server, lector, distributor, music, usher, bereavement, and Right to Life (at-large parishioners are also included). The goal of this commission is to foster a living and authentic liturgical tradition within our parish and the greater Catholic community.


Members meet the last Wednesday of each month August-May at 6:30 p.m. in Avila Hall with the exception of December.

Worship Commission Members

Allen Archibald - Bereavement
Rick Davis - Music
Sue Eichhorn - Eucharistic Minister to the Homebound
Sue Fruediger - Eucharistic Ministers
Mike Kappa - Ushers
Jim Kelly - Member at Large
Dee Meyer - Bereavement
Sue Kreutzer - Lectors
Laura and Samuel Prince - Right to Life
Kumiko Puttmann - Sacristan
Deacon Dave Steinwert

The St. Teresa of Avila Buildings and Grounds Commission


The purpose of this committee is to advise the Pastor, Finance Commission and Facilities Manager on the condition and need of the facility. The Buildings & Grounds Committee evaluates potential projects, and their merits as to feasibility, need, cost and benefits.


Facilities are inspected annually or as needed for specific projects. Needs are prioritized based on condition/need, funds available, and improvement in terms of Ministries, function, aesthetics and future cost savings. Bids and proposals are reviewed and written recommendations are made to the Pastor and Finance Commission regarding the reviews.


Will consist of 5 or more members of the congregation plus the Facilities Manager and a liaison from finance council. B&G Committee members are called to serve through invitation by the Pastor or Facilities Manager. The Facilities Manager shall serve as Chair to direct meetings and facilitate inspections of sites. Facilities Manager will act as liaison/contact with vendors and contractors. Members are expected to attend regularly scheduled meetings and special meetings called for special needs. Members shall be composed of persons with special training or experience in the areas of construction, maintenance, electrical and plumbing or similar valuable skills.


Will be held once a month on the first Monday of the Month from September through June or as called. This meeting date is flexible and established by the committee members and can change to suite the majority of members.


Elections for Pastoral Council and Education Commission are held each May. Please contact the parish office if you wish to be placed on the ballot - a photo and bio of each candidate is required.

Thank you for your consideration. Your time and commitment are truly appreciated!